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     All of Desire, in my experience, arises from an inherent longing to meet the Divine, the Self, and Others, in mutuality. Mutuality is a state-of-being-in-relationship, completely Present to the moment on all levels of experience (body/mind/emotion).  All of my life and work has evolved into an expression of this non-dual embodiment, this self-realization, this Tantra Yoga.

     At the heart of my life view is a philosophy that the mutuality of Divine Communion requires awakening into wholeness, a uniting of all aspects of Aliveness: physical sensation; energetic connection (love); and awareness.  This perspective supports “enlightenment,” or self-realization, as a spontaneous, ongoing awakened state-of-being experienced in the body.


     This experience of embodiment, I find, makes it possible to live fully engaged with life, free of habitual patterns like blame and shame, anger and numbness.


     My desire is to help you find your own unique experience of this self-supportive state-of-being. I want to facilitate connection with yourself, others and your environment as a conscious experience of your most authentic self in each moment.


     Private Sessions with me are nurturing, dynamic, grounding, informative, and rich with transformative potential.  I will always meet you deeply, and bring all of my Being to the meeting.


     I am naturally vibrant, and curious about where, how, and why you are closed to emotions, physical sensations of pleasure, and to body/mind awareness. Together, we will adventure with an intention to open you to embodied non-duality. You will uncover increasing feelings and sensations of aliveness in more and more of your body/mind/spirit. You will open to your wholeness of being and to connection with the Divine.


     I can meet your whole Self at nearly any level of contact. I am skilled at guiding the meditative experience into non-dual embodiment and transforming life-energy towards healing (Embodiment). Years as a yogi and bodywork practitioner provides me with tools to guide your non-dual experience via conscious practice and sensuous contact (Energy Tune-ups). And my wisdom as a Tantric Yogini affords opportunity for enlivening your whole Being via erotic practices and conscious sexuality (Eros). All three options are vital paths to embodiment. Choose the approach with which you feel most comfortable on your journey to Non-Dual Embodiment.


     I invite you to join me on an adventure of awakening. Explore my website and decide if one or more of my approaches will work for you. You are welcome to begin the journey by attending my weekly nondual embodiment meditation class in Ashland, Oregon, Wednesdays at 5:45pm ($10 suggested donation). Inform me of your intention to attend the class 541-324-6021.