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     At the heart of everything I am and do is my philosophy that Divine Communion requires awakening, and a uniting with, all aspects of our Being: physical sensation; energetic connection (spirit/love); and awareness. My experience is that “enlightenment,” or self-realization, is establishing this awakened state-of-being as a spontaneous, ongoing experience in the body.


     The interest of all my work is a desire to uncover each person’s unique sense of Self as a full-body experience and to help them use this experience to uncover Divine communion.


     Many people in our culture have restrictions that limit their ability to feel an awakened sense of Self in their body. This might be because of trauma or cultural indoctrination or for other reasons. These influences from our past have a direct impact on our physical body and the subtle energy systems that stimulate our central nervous system. This limits our ability to feel pleasure and the vitality of our own aliveness.


     As a result of past experiences that overwhelm our nervous system, parts of our body “shut down.” This means our life-energy, and the physical body it inhabits, are tightly bound into a pattern of holding. It’s like an energetic muscle spasm that’s been cramping since the first moment of the emotionally traumatic injury, and it just won’t relax.  


     Sometimes, these holding patterns of injury began as a strategy for coping with our loved ones’ (parents/spouse) patterns of behavior. Sometimes, they began as incident(s) so startling we were sent traumatically spiraling into a holding we don’t know how to unbind. It’s these holding patterns of injury that keep us from uncovering our most honest potential for contentment, and from experiencing all the pleasure that’s available for us to feel.


     I consider the sense of Self to be that unique spark of You alive and aware and inside your body. It’s not your ego or your idea of who you are, but instead is your most authentic self, your essential nature, free of the influences of your life. This authentic self has been with you since the moment you were born and remains a part of you until you die.


     Knowing your uniquely individual sense of Self is based upon an experience felt in your body. Consequently, when a part of your body shuts down (holds tight and not let energy or consciousness move through), you lose touch with that aspect/knowledge of your Self. That area of your body spirals closed to protect your body/mind/spirit. You hold tight to shut out the pain. This helps you to hide your Self deep inside, keeping you from intimacy, from disappointment, from fear. But hiding inside keeps you from being fully present and able to reap the full beauty of life in the moment.


     My approach to healing gently unwinds the holding patterns of emotionally traumatic injury. I follow, guide, and support your exploration and experience of the quality of your Self fully inhabiting your body.


     Together, we track where You are Present in your body, and where you are not. We softly open up the closed spaces together. We fill with well-being those inner places that once held tightly bound in trauma and pain. And as we gracefully explore together, I hold the space of your unfolding sacred and safe. I help you become strong and in love with your Self.


     It is my experience that we can each live a life of pleasure and contentment (some of the universal qualities of “love”) and still be less than “perfect.” Perfection is an ego requirement. Pleasure is an evolving process that requires us to be authentic and true to our essential nature.


     I believe it is the birthright of each of us to feel ourselves alive and whole in our bodies, loved, loving, and lovable. Come join me in my Temple of Sacred Healing Arts to manifest this vitality and awakening in your own life.