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     I am a Philosopher & Seeker. My Work is my Life and my Life is my Art. I am an Embodiment Guide: I help people uncover a deep sense of self as a full-body experience. I am also a Tantric Dakini, an Energy Healer, a wild-crafting Herbalist with Wise Woman Ways, a Writer, and a Vacation Rental Host in Ashland, Oregon.

     Seeking the Divine outside of myself has never been of interest to me. By age 11, I understood there is wisdom in the teachings of religions and philosophies, but faith in an omnipotent being separate from experience has never made sense to me. Consequently, I have always sought enlightenment via embodiment, an internal experience of the interconnectedness of all-that-is in my body.


     I began to practice Hatha Yoga and meditation in 1974. Yogic principles and practices have informed my life experience and philosophy ever since. I awoke to the rich fullness of my own sexuality after menopause and began to explore Tantra Yoga. In 2011, I discovered the Tantric embodiment perspectives of Kashmiri Shaivism and knew I had finally found a spiritual philosophy that could take me all the way to embodied enlightenment.


     Along my life’s journey towards embodied enlightenment, I’ve received wisdoms that I am honored to share with you. Much of my learning has been a result of my avid curiosity and fearless experimentation; I am an philosopher/adventurer at heart. I’ve also studied deeply, and become friends with, several world class teachers. Their wisdom informs all of my life:


     Robert E.L. Master & his wife, Jean Houston, inspired me towards embodiment when I first encountered their books Listening to the Body & Mind Games in 1977. I studied personally with them both for many years and eventually became Bob’s organizational assistant, helping with research and editing on several books, most particularly The Goddess Sekhmet.


     I continue to study with psychologist/author Judith Blackstone and am fully certified in her teachings of the Realization Process®. I guide a weekly meditation class (Mondays 5:15pm) in this work.

     My interest in wild plants lead me to Susan Weed and the Wise Woman Tradition. Our relationship has flourished for more than 25-years and I have edited four of her books. I also apprenticed for 5-years with Grass Valley (CA) herbalist and prolific author, Kathi Keville, and for two of those years I was her teaching assistant.

     I studied Zero Balancing with Fritz Smith, practiced massage in California for 12-years, and danced Continuum with Emilie Conrad, 5-Rythms with Amara & Sara Pagano, tap with Buddy Ebsen, & hula since age 4.


     I began training with Charles Muir at the Source School of Tantra Yoga in 2011, and am now an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator (ACTE).    


     From 1984-1991, my primary yoga teacher was Prof. Pillai, an east Indian student of Sivananda, who taught for many years in Sacramento, CA. I now guide my students in easy yoga postures and personally enjoy a daily Ashtanga Yoga practice.


     I trained as a RN Psychiatric at St. Crispins’ Hospital in Dustin, Northampton, England, 1973-1976. Our training was under the supervision of ground-breaking psychologist and author R.D. Laing. I learned how to regard each individual by their behavior and environment, rather than by their diagnosis or label.


     I am proud to partner Dr. Zeb Lancaster since 2009. Together we have written 3 books and currently guide monthly experiential healing journeys, Puja, for our community.


Some other facts that you might like to know about me:

     I operated a boutique clothing design business in England from 1971-1973.


     I prospered selling Real Estate in Sacramento, CA from 1984-1987.


     I originated ENERGY TUNE-UPS in 1987, bringing embodied touch (massage) to the workplace in Sacramento, CA. Energy-ups introduced self-massage, conscious breath, & simple techniques to reduce stress and increase vitality


     I owned a 35-foot cruising sailboat for 27 years and sailed more than 40,000 miles around the Pacific Ocean.


     Helping people comes naturally to me. I find pleasure in guiding myself and others towards more fulfillment and vitality in their life, and in helping heal old holding and habit patterns that no longer serve overall well-being.


     I’d be delighted to use my knowledge and experience to help you manifest your full potential and move through the world as your most authentic self.