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Embodied Non-Duality Meditations

The Realization Process®

Every Wednesday 5:30 – 6:45pm

Chakra Garden of Ashland

$10 donation   541-324-6021


Judith Blackstone’s groundbreaking method of Embodied Spiritual Awakening

Realizes your most subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness.


Your most subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness is the primary level of your being and the basis of your feeling spiritual oneness with all of life. This is the essence of your being, your essential nature, uninfluenced and unchanging.


As you attune to the experience of fundamental consciousness in your body, you gradually become free of depression, anxiety, bitterness and confusion. You also develop compassion for yourself and others, plus increase your capacity for pleasure.


The Realization Process® exercises:

  • Attune you directly to the unified, pervasive space of fundamental consciousness
  • Guide you into an ongoing experience of living within the internal space of your body
  • Help you sustain, deepen & refine contact with the primary essence of your being
  • Awaken the subtle channel that runs through the core of the body (Sushumna)
  • Cultivate essential qualities of being, such as bliss, understanding/awareness, voicing truth, love, power/strength, sexuality/gender, belonging
  • Deepen & stabilize meditation practice for both beginning & advanced practitioners


Candace Cave (Dakini Candance) is a Fully Certified Realization Process Practitioner & a multi-dimensional somatic healer informed by more than 30-years professional experience & education. From her home, Chakra Garden of Ashland (& on Skype/phone), she currently offers Energy Tune-ups, guides the simple embodiment meditations of the Realization Process®, & teaches plant wisdom from the Wise Woman Tradition. With her partner, Dr. Zeb Lancaster, she guides healing journeys (Puja), works with couples & individuals to awaken embodied awareness in relationship (with self & other), and co-writes books (Body/Mind Boundaries for Beginners). www.DakiniCandance.com   541-324-6021