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Energy Tune-ups (Pink Tantra)

Energy Tune-ups sessions are my most versatile healing offer.

A place for depth of consciousness & vitality activation.

We talk and attune on subtle body/mind levels.

Deeply present communication is the standard. 

I guide you towards awakening, nurturing, & enlivening sensation.

I use a variety of body/mind tools & touch techniques

Plus Tantra Yoga practices & non-dual embodiment.

You’ll learn to harness your vitality & feel good in your body.

The focus is on cultivating subtle states of consciousness &

richly textured experience.

My desire is to help you to live your life available to manifest

Your most authentic experience of self/spirit/essential nature

in each moment, while also feeling physically connected with

the Source of all Being (Fundamental Consciousness).


What YOU can expect during

an Energy Tune-ups Healing experience

     When you arrive in my temple, we’ll dance in waves & discover how your movement to music reflects the ways you express and suppress your life-energy and engage in relationship. You will be emotionally, mentally, and physically held in sacred space, free of judgment, and supported to be your most authentic self. You’ll receive sensitive and intuitive touch to help you wake up your whole body. You’ll learn where in your body your vitality is blocked, and meaningful practices to unwind that stuck life-energy. You’ll learn self-supportive perspectives and techniques to help you fill yourself up from the inside with your essential self (your unique spirit of aliveness), plus stimulate and support sensations of well-being, vitality, and emotional peace. You’ll discover the particular sensations and feelings related to your body’s life-energy centers, your Chakras, and unfold the process of awakening and healing these vital qualities. Together, we’ll uncover a fundamental sense of you own unique aliveness, fully present in your body, whole within your core, connected in communion with all-that-is, awake to increasing nuance of experience.

What YOU can expect FROM ME

during your Energy Tune-ups Healing experience

     Your healing experience with me will be deeply nourishing, educational, and energetically enlivening. Our dance together will be in waves, a mirroring of movements and an exploration of subtle contact. I’ll help you create personal sacred space for the temple of your body, even as we attune and connect on many levels. I’ll listen deeply, with my whole body/mind, and guide you into full body experiences of non-dual embodiment*. I’ll call upon a variety of body/mind skills, including sensitive and intuitive touch, to help you unwind old patterns of tension that limit your sensory input and inhibit your full-body experience of life. I’ll teach you Tantra Yoga practices including Pranayama (breathing), mantra (words), asana (postures), Chakra awakening, non-dual embodiment, personal sacred space, and meaningful self-touch. These practices help you engage all of your senses in each moment, as well as open up interior space for well-being. You’ll better manage your emotional and behavioral responses, organically arouse your vitality, increase your experience of well-being, and ground your sense of self in emotional peace.

What COUPLES can expect

during an Energy Tune-ups healing session

     You’ll each learn and explore everything I describe above, as well as embodiment methods of mutual attunement and touch. You’ll discover ways of nurturing, healing, and enlivening each other during intimate and day-to-day contact. We may choose to call upon the additional healing and teaching skills of my Tantra Yoga partner, Dr. Zeb Lancaster (additional fee).    

Energy Tune-ups healing sessions are 90-minutes for $175-115.

Please email contact@dakinicandance.com or phone 541-324-6021

to schedule a day and time convenient for us both.


Want to read more about Energy Tune-ups Healing?

Go to www.energytune-ups.com


About the Realization Process® & Embodiment

     I use the simple embodiment practices of the Realization Process® as the ground of all my work. Evolved over 35+ years by psycotherapist and author Judith Blackstone, Ph.D, the Realization Process invites you to integrate two essential aspects of spiritual awakening and emotional growth: the fundamental dimension of consciousness and your sense of self/spirit. Unlike most spiritual traditions, both of these essential aspects are explored as an embodied experience in the Realization Process: you are not invited to believe, but instead to feel your body’s experience. 

     As you attune directly to the most subtle, fundamental dimensions of consciousness, you gain access to the primary level of your being and the basis of your spiritual oneness with all of life. The Realization Process invites you to a physical experience of your spirit (your sense of self, your life-energy) located and inhabiting your whole body. From this embodied place, the practices guide you to a remarkably full sensory experience: the space inside your body is actually undifferentiated from the space outside your body, your environment and other people. You grow a profound sense of oneness with all of life, while at the same time a profound sense of your unique essential nature, your most authentic sense of self. You feel connected and separate at the same time.  This experience of non-duality has a direct influence on the quality of your most intimate, and your most superficial, relationships.

     Realization Process guides you to experience the space that pervades your body, uncovering your sense of self (spirit) as part of that space, and to feel your life-energy pass through the space without disturbing it. This dual awareness of still, pervasive space (Shiva principle) and the movement of life through it (Shakti principle), changes your perspective. The shift to non-dual embodiment opens a potential for emotions, experiences, thoughts, situations, responses, to pass through the essence of you without disrupting your over-all experience of attunement, connection, contentment.  The influence this level of spiritual awakening has on personal emotional growth can be dramatic. This is ultimate wholeness-of-being connected with all-that-is: Samadhi.  

     What is particularly unique about the Realization Process, is that the practices are easy, simple, and designed to help you realize this Samadhi state-of-being as a self-arising, on-going experience. You don’t need a retreat from the world, or any special forms, substances, mantras, or positions. With simple practice and attention, you begin to experience the world in a state of at-one contentment, even as life gets chaotic or tense.

Realization Process sessions with Candance

are $50-$35 an hour ($75-$55 for 90-minutes)

Available via Skype, on the telephone, or onsite at my Temple in Ashland.

Please email contact@dakinicandance.com or phone 541-324-6021

to schedule a day and time convenient for us both.

You are always welcome to attend on-going

weekly Realization Process classes, held at

Oregon Tantra Sanctuary in Ashland,

every Monday, 5:15 – 6:30pm ($10 suggested donation).

     I am happy to guide you only in the simple non-dual embodiment practices of the Realization Process as you find your way towards self-healing. But as you can imagine, the territory of non-dual embodiment is a potent healing ground, available for uprooting old holding patterns that long-ago created limiting habits. It also produces a handy fertilizer to support new patterns of emotional and conscious behavior.

     It is my pleasure to guide these life-changes as a healing process. I combine the Realization Process, a variety of modern and ancient body/mind healing tools, and Tantra Yoga: White Tantra (Embodiment), Pink Tantra (Energy Tune-ups), or Red Tantra (Eros). Click any circle link on the right side of this page to learn more.