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     My desire is to help you attune to the quality (feelings) of your essential nature, (your most authentic self) as a full body experience and to align this quality as your spirit in unity with all-that-is (fundamental consciousness).

     Along the way to this experience of non-dual embodiment, my interest is to playfully, and meaningfully, help you untangle old holding patterns of injury and habit (emotional, physical, spiritual) so that you can feel and experience aliveness more clearly on all levels of your being.

    I am called to guide men, women, and couples, of all ages and sexual orientations, to this experience of non-dual embodiment. Sometimes, with your agreement, I may desire to include my partner, Dr. Zeb Lancaster, to support your healing experience.

     My Temple is located on the grounds at Oregon Tantra Sanctuary in Ashland. The Temple interior is exotic and welcoming, draped in fabrics representative of goddesses, and photos of me adventuring. The light is soft, the furnishings are comfortable, and the ambiance is calming.

     I will welcome you with words and music, and we will move together in a kind of dance for a while, feeling the quality of each other’s Presence and Life-Energy. Moving to music always loosens our joints and our spirits, and will help you make room inside to fill up with the good feelings that will follow.

     I will guide you to feel and attune to the movement of your life-energy (Shakti), so that you experience fully body sensations from the most subtle to the most infinite. You’ll learn to rest the essence of yourself in the stillness of all-that-is and to explore your own life-energy using the microcosm of embodied Self to find the macrocosm of Universal Communion.

     I will help you to know your body as the Temple housing your essential nature, to feel that no part of You is left out, and to create an internalized sense of sacred space to support the temple of your body. 

     My natural state of being is a warm, vibrant, radiant aliveness. You will find my gift and my skill is to guide your attunement to a personal experience of your own awakened Self.

     My transformational tools include: whole body listening, attunement, & meditation; non-dual experience; Yoga principles & practices; Tantric embodiment; archetypal & somatic psychology; Western philosophy; contact therapies; body/mind boundaries; dance/movement as an expression of life-energy through the body; green herbalism; nearly 40 years of study & practice. 

     I can meet your whole Self at nearly any level of contact. I am skilled at guiding the meditative experience into non-dual embodiment and transforming life-energy towards healing (Embodiment). Years as a yogi and bodywork practitioner provides me with tools to guide your non-dual experience via conscious practice and sensuous contact (Energy Tune-ups). And my wisdom as a Tantric Yogini affords opportunity for enlivening your whole Being via erotic practices and conscious sexuality (Eros). All three options are vital paths to embodiment. Choose the approach with which you feel most comfortable on your journey to Non-Dual Embodiment. Click any circle on the right to learn more.

     I invite you to allow me to guide you to your own unique experience of non-dual embodiment in order to deepend your communion with spirit, your essential nature, the life-force of Gaia, and fundamental consciousness.